Tutorial: Tracking Your Rebate Submissions

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There was a time in my life that I NEVER submitted for a mail-in rebate.  I thought they were just too much of a hassle.  WOW, I never wanna go back to that time.  I personally have out 8 rebates.  They total $92 + a coupon booklet.  That was totally worth the 8 stamps, right?

One of the biggest hassles though, is keeping up with the ones that I need to mail out, the ones that I have mailed out and then the ones that I have received already.  I used to do this with sticky notes…UMMM, not the brightest idea, I know!  Now I use a spreadsheet.

Here is what my spreadsheet looks like:

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It is pretty basic.  You can create one yourself in Excel, or you can use mine.  You can download my worksheet HERE.

Having one sheet with all the information on it really helps.  I would also suggest (however, I don’t do this) making a photocopy of your submission form and the receipt, just in case.  You could use this tracking form in the front of your file folder to have one oganized sheet with all info, but then have the rest of the file folder for the supporting documents.  :-)  I hope this helps!

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  1. Thank you! I think this form will help me keep better track of my rebates. I do make a copy of the ones that are for more than just a couple of dollars.

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