Repurpose Your Stockpile: Fabulous No-Sew T-Shirt Scarves

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Our house has a whole box full of t-shirts.  Ones that the kids outgrew, ones that are too big for me, ones that have holes, the list really does go on.  Usually we use them as rags, but recently I’ve started finding new things to do with them.

This no-sew scarf will have you warm and toasty in no time!  It’s one of the easiest scarves I’ve ever made, and even my kids are fighting over them.

Choose a t-shirt that you like.  It can have patterns on it, holes in it, whatever you have that you like.  You can even use several t-shirts and mix them up.

Flatten the shirt out on the table, making sure all the wrinkles are pressed out.  Make the first cut under the arms, all the way across the shirt.  Save the sleeves and shoulders for another project.

Cut strips, about 1 inch wide, although the width isn’t critical.  Vary them, or keep them the same.  It’s up to you.  When you get to the hem, that can be recycled or thrown away.

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Next, cut the sides of the strips, and if there is a seam, cut it off.  Set one strip aside.

Here’s the fun, stress-relieving part!  Hold a couple of strips on the ends and stretch them as far as they will go.  They will start to curl and become little ropes.

The scarf I made used half of the strips.  Even up the ends then tie them in a square knot.  Pull them nice and tight.  Take that extra strip and wrap it around the knot, starting at one end.  When the knot is completely wrapped, tuck the end under.


Congratulations!  You have a great scarf!



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