Publisher’s Clearing House…strikes again

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Do you remember entering those Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes?  I don’t think I ever entered one.  I just remember being little and at the kitchen table as my my mom would enter each and every one that would come thru.  Needless to say, we never won the million dollars!  :-)  However, Publishers Clearinghouse is much easier to enter these days….no stamps necessary.  Just enter online.  I hear they will be drawing for $10MILLION tomorrow (or sometime soon like that).  Can you imagine how great $10Million would be?  Hummm, would I stop blogging?  Would I stop using coupons?  hummmm…..I wonder….

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Anwyay, here is the link….

WARNING:  I just did this…and there are a few pages you have to just skip or say continue thru.  But, I am still glad I did it, cuz there was a $1 off any 1 Fillipo Oil coupon (which hello…that is one of my favorites) and a $2 off Robitussin coupon too.  Coupons…SWEET!

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