How to Save Money on Back To School Supplies

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Back to School

Back to school time is already here and most budgets are feeling the strain. One thing that is worth noting is that school supply lists are getting bigger every year. With all the new programs and expectations that are placed on our teachers, the need for supplies has become even more serious. Finding a way to save money on school supplies is something that can help all of us. Here are some of the best ways I have discovered to save on school supplies each year:

Buy the basics in bulk

Pencils, paper, glue sticks and all the things that are on the list every school year should all be bought at their cheapest in bulk. When you find a huge bargain, stock up and save. If you have extra that you don’t think you will use, you can donate it to the teachers that need them.

Take advantage of school supply clearances

Several weeks into the school year you will find a number of different clearance sales. These also can be found at the end of the school year. When these sales come around, take advantage of them and buy ahead for the coming years. These sales are fantastic ways to save cash.

Take note of what you already have

Before you dive into shopping and buy even more stuff, make an inventory of what you already have. Why buy what you already have? Unless, of course, it is a bargain that can’t be missed for next year.

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Network and share

As your kids go through school, it is important to get to know the parents and kids surrounding them. By getting to know other families, you can share hand me down clothes, book bags, school supplies and anything else that might be needed. Giving and taking makes this a great way to save money and help your school community.

Use the tax free weekends

Most areas have at least one tax free weekend and some have two. Use these sales to buy the bigger ticket items like computers, calculators, printers and iPads. If you have a large dollar item on your list, try to make certain you catch it on that weekend for huge savings. Some folks get the school supply lists a year ahead when possible to plan the coming year out. This is not a bad idea considering tax-free weekends are not a guarantee. You should get it while you can.

Don’t do designer

Kids are going to beg for the “in” school supplies but don’t budge. That fancy binder is not important to his or her well being no matter how much they beg. If they really want it that badly, offer to pay half and they pay half. You will be amazed at how quickly the plain one will be accepted.

Stick to the list

When the school gives out those lists, they are pretty thorough. If it is not on the list, don’t be begged into getting it. Anything not on the list is extra and unnecessary. Offer the same thing to your kids as above and they will see the light. Perhaps they may even work off the extra cash and surprise you!

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