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I bought the FoozKids program for my girls over a month ago, and fell in love with it.  There are so many reasons I love this program…but most of all, because my kids love it.

First off, my girls are 6 (turning 7 in 2 weeks) and 5.  They have their own computer.  Before FoozKids, Jerome or I had to be with them at all times, because of the internet.  Almost every show that my girls watch has an advertisement with a website address.  They want to go to all of them, but we as parents know how easy it is to mistype a web address and get something inappropriate.  So, I was pleasantly surprised to find that FoozKids actually takes over the computer.  So when it is on, it is the only program you can see.  In order to exit to get to the full computer, you need to have the parent’s password.  AMAZING.

As soon as you open the program, you get this screen:

I was able to set up an account for Rachel and an account for Sami under the same program.  They just choose their avatar and begin playing.  (They can also completely customize their avatar…this is how Rachel and Sami made theirs.)

The program encompasses a kid-friendly Web Browser with direct links to kid friendly sites.  Whether your child wants to play games, watch web based shows or work on crafts, it is all available within the program.

Once  they choose what they would like to do, they can then pick what site they want to do it on.  So, if Rachel wants to play on the Disney Fairies site, she can click on Games, and then Click on the picture of Tinkerbell.

So, those are my girl’s favorite activities…but MY favorite activity, is the University.  Once your child clicks on University, they can play learning games at whatever level they so choose.  From Pre-K to 5th Grade.  Both of my girls have had a lot of fun taking these quizzes.  Sami is only in Pre-K but has started working on 1st grade activities!  Not only has it helped her with things like adding counting, ordering of numbers and patterns…but it has also helped her with reading.  Sami just earned her Math Magician Award!

Make Spirits Bright with

All of the above features are available in the FoozKids Basic membership.  Which is generally $11.99, but you can get it right now for FREE by using promocode HAPPYKIDS.  One of my kids favorite features in the Premium membership is the Flix area, where they can instantly watch thousands of movies and video shorts streamed over the internet.

Their other favorite is the Treasure Box!  Each time they complete a task, complete a quiz or even just log in to play, they earn points.  Those points can be redeemed in the treasure box.  My girls are spenders.  If I give them a quarter, they want me to bring them to the store to find something for a quarter.  So, when they started earning points, I showed them the items in the treasure box, and encouraged them to pick out a bigger prize and earn points to get that prize. Well, that lit a fire under Rachel, and she worked for days taking quizzes and earning points.  She just redeemed for a Barbie Glam Vacation House.  She is so excited.  She has started playing again to build up her points for her next prize.  However, she does ask me daily if the prize is in.  :)

The Premium membership is generally $69.99/year, however right now, there is a promocode for 40% off, you can get the Premium membership for only $39.99/year with promocode FUNINTHESUN.

I have only barely scratched the surface on all the features of this program and all the things I love about it.  I know you and your kids will love it too.  I think it is important to tell you that I was NOT compensated in any way to write this review.  I did this because I believe in this program and believe it will be a great way for kids to spend the summer months learning.  When I fell in love with the program, I contacted the makers of FoozKids and asked them if they would provide a membership for giveaway.  So, one lucky reader of MyCouponLady will win 3 months Premium membership!

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The giveaway is open until 5/25/2012 at Midnight EDT.  This giveaway is open to US Residents only.

Good Luck!

Thank you all for your participation!!!  The winner is:





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  1. Stephanie Bondlow says:

    I love that all of my kids can share this and all work at their own level. How wonderful!

  2. Stephanie Bondlow says:

    I like Foozkids on Facebook as Stephanie Diane.

  3. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    I like that my kids can completely customize their avatar.

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    Liked MyCouponLady on Facebook.

  5. Julie Lynn Bickham says:
  6. Stephanie Bondlow says:

    I like My Coupon Lady on FB as Stephanie Diane.

  7. Stephanie Bondlow says:
  8. I love the educational aspect

  9. I like that the program doesn’t allow for accidental clicking of inappropriate content, ads, or other browsing by the kids. This is definitely a peace of mind for me!

  10. I liked Foozkids on FB

  11. I liked My Coupon Lady on FB

  12. Love this idea! My kids have ruined so many computers because of accidentally clicking something they shouldn’t. I love that this is all inclusive!

  13. liked foozkids

  14. liked mycouponlady

  15. Tweeted :)!/JstMyEvrydayLfe/status/203139551605170176

    Love this! It’s so cool to be able to have your kids play on the computer and learn stuff, and know that they are on safe, age appropriate sites!

  16. Jennifer Clay says:

    I like that there is so much to do on this site!

  17. Jennifer Clay says:

    I liked Fooz Kids on facebook

  18. Jennifer Clay says:

    I like My Coupon Lady on facebook

  19. I love that the kids earn points to be able to buy their own stuff – and while learning. Love that positive reinforcement!!

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  22. Michelle Cheronecook says:

    I liked Fooz Kids on Facebook.

  23. Michelle Cheronecook says:

    I already love My Coupon Lady!

  24. Michelle Cheronecook says:

    I have a spender and a saver so it will really be interesting to see how they work the reward program. I also like that they have to ‘play to learn’ to earn. Kind of like chores (which they never do!)

  25. Michelle Cheronecook says:
  26. Julie Fornaro says:

    I think I’ll like the university best. I like that my son will be learning while having fun.

  27. Julie Fornaro says:

    I liked FoozKids on FB.

  28. Julie Fornaro says:

    I already liked MyCouponLady!

  29. Julie Fornaro says:
  30. I love that I don’t have to worry about my daughter clicking onto something she shouldn’t see!

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  33. Eva Biggs says:

    I like that it goes from pre k to 5th grade.

  34. Eva Biggs says:

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    Like MyCouponLady on Facebook

  36. Eva Biggs says:
  37. Mindy H says:

    I love that each of my 5 kiddos could share this and work at their own level.

  38. Mindy H says:

    I Liked FoozKids on Facebook.

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    I Liked MyCouponLady on Facebook.

  40. Jennifer says:

    I liked Fooz kids on FB

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  42. Jennifer says:

    I like the control over what the kids are seeing!!

  43. Liked FoozKids on Facebook

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  45. Would love this for my girls. They love playing games online. This would help a lot for just accidental sites that they might mistyped or protect against any unwanted virus.

  46. do you know how many kids you can use per membership?? also how long are the promo codes good for? would like to try it out for a bit before i buy the yearly membership but if it expires this week i might just have to try it now

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