DIY Jewelry Organizer w/ Yard Sale Find

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 If you’re heading out to yard sales this Spring and Summer, keep your eyes out for items that you can repurpose!  For very little money, you can create new organizational and storage spaces. For $1, I scored this shelf, that had 3 pegs in the middle.  As soon as I saw it, I imagined my jewelry hanging from it.  All I needed after that, was some screw-in hooks.  For 10¢, I found a bag of hooks at another yard sale.  Once home, all I needed to do was screw the hooks into the rack.  I put them underneath, and staggered them, so that I could see all of my earrings.  I also placed some on the bottom and sides, so that there wasn’t any space not being used, and I could let my longer earrings hang freely without being tangled or blocking site of smaller pairs.
For only $1.10, I have a new jewelry organizer for my earrings and bracelets!
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