Brylane Home Flat-To-Fabulous Fully Decorated, Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Review

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Brylane Home Flat-To-Fabulous Fully Decorated, Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Review

How long does it take you to set up your Christmas Tree?  Generally, it takes us a few hours.  It involves, going out to the shed, taking out the dusty box, dragging it inside, a few arguments about what piece is the bottom piece, finally setting the thing up, fluffing all the needles, then going into the attic to drag down all the decorations and finally the fun part of the process, we decorate.  WHEW, that made me tired just typing it.  :)

Well, Brylane Home sent me a tree this year for review.  It is called their Flat-To-Fabulous tree.  It took about 10 minutes to set up completely.  You heard that right!  We took it out of the box, put the stand and pole together and then slipped the tree over the pole.  DONE!  (Well, we did have to plug it in, so maybe 10 minutes and 30 seconds).  Here is how it looked:

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Yes, it really was that simple.  And to take it down, just as easy.  Best of all, it will fold flat and fit into a normal sized storage bag.  I can store this under the bed and no more keeping a huge tree box in the shed.  After this video ended. We did pull the bottom down a bit, to even it out (after all, it was in storage before we set it up, it needed a little fluffing).  The end product was perfect.  You can also hang your own decorations on it to personalize it.

This was the 6ft tree, however Brylane Home does have a 7 and a half foot tree and a 4 foot tree that comes with an urn.  And they all come in different colors.  My favorite was the silver and purple, so that is what I chose.

Here is what Brylane Home has to say about their tree:

This lush green beauty arrives as a pancake-flat sphere and pops up into a 6 feet pre-lit Christmas Tree when attached to the included stand. And after the holidays, cleanup and storage is just as simple thanks to its practically flat compressed design.

pre-decorated tree with french ribbons, bows and ornaments
• simple to assemble and pre-lit with 350 twinkling white lights
• dimensions: 6’H x 29″ Diam.
• cord UL approved.  125 Volt Fuse.

I couldn’t recommend this tree enough.  It will literally cut a couple hours off my holiday decorating each year, not to mention that it will save storage space.  I love it!

Disclosure:  I received this Brylane Home Flat-To-Fabulous Fully Decorated, Pre-Lit Christmas Tree for review purposes.  I was under no obligation to post a positive review.  All opinions are my own.

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